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Initial Consultation; What to Expect

Lifestyle Nutrition: Initial Consultation

$95.00 only

In Office


An initial consultation is required for any level of participation offered through my practice.

We start with your initial consultation. The fee for this visit is $95.00 with absolutely no obligation to participate in my program.    

Unfortunately, my practice does not accept any insurance. The cost of dealing with insurance would not work with the patient centered services that I offer.

Payments made to my practice:

In support of my commitment to maintain the affordable, individualized care my small practice provides, my practice does not accept credit or debit cards.

Prior to scheduling your initial consultation                                                                                                   Please do not send e-mails to this website e-mail address.  Website e-mails are reviewed for content and their delivery to the website email account may be delayed.  Always use my practice account to assure privacy and a timely response. [email protected]

Please e-mail me with the following information.

1Your name.  ) 2) Best phone number and time to reach you.                 3) A brief description of your concern(s)  Ex: Does your wellness goal include weight loss, weight gain, addressing obesity related disease (s) such as type2 diabetes, digestive, etc.  4) the days/times you would be able to make time in your schedule for appointments.

Very important: I can only add a new client when an existing client graduates their program. Specific day/time slot are reserved for each client. Therefore more flexible your personal schedule the quicker I will be able to match an opening that works for you.

The days/ times that will work with your personal schedule for your ongoing appointments in the event that you decide to work with me.  Ex: cannot come on Wednesday’s Tuesday and Thursday after 1pm are best for me.

After a specific day/time appointment slot is reserved on your behalf, your initial consultation appointment will be scheduled.  You will receive written confirmation via e-mail to confirm both your reserved day/time and your initial consultation appointment.

Preparing for your initial consultation- what you can expect:

 Payment is at time of service; cash or personal check only.

* On- line payment options are not available at this time; please e-mail to inquire about distance service options.

What you can expect at our initial consultation

1.] I allocate 2 hours for this appointment.                                                                                             

  2.] You will be provided with a body composition. You will need to be barefoot for this procedure. (Those with pacemakers or other internal, electrical devices cannot have a body composition but alternative tools to gather information will be used for those potential clients.) We will discuss your concerns. We will take a medical/personal history. I will assist you in filling out your nutrition analysis form.                                                                                                                                                   

3.] From this visit you will be mailed a detailed nutrition analysis of your current dietary habits along with information that may assist you in making useful changes on your own.                                                     

 4.] All costs, time and financial,will be provided to you via email prior to scheduling your initial consultation.