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Physician Referrals

Physician Referrals

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Thank you for considering a referral to

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How do you make a referral?

The best way to make a patient referral is to ask your patient to contact me via e-mailTo ensure privacy,  email should be sent to directly to me:  [email protected].

 Please have them include their name, best phone number and time to contact them, a brief description of their concern(s) and the name of their referring physician.

Or your office can fax the referral directly to my office.  Please include the information listed above, including your patient's e-mail address, so that I may provide the level of professional service your patient deserves.

E-fax 1-252-477-0780  or e-mail me directly – [email protected]

What can your patient expect?

We start with an initial consultation

I will contact your patient.  I will answer any questions and move to find a day/time for an initial consultation  that will work for your patient's personal schedule and my availability.

The fee for this visit is $95.00 with absolutely no obligation for your patient to  participate in my program.

I allocate 2 hours for this appointment.  After this appointment I will compile a detailed dietary analysis and some additional advice that will assist your patient in making useful changes on his/her own.   The time line for your patient receiving this information, via US mail, is approximatley10 days from our visit.

All costs- time and financial- as well as levels of participation will be provided to your patient prior to scheduling an initial consultation.

Does Lifestyle Nutrition accept insurance?

 Unfortunately, my practice does not accept insurance. 

 The basic facts about my practice:

  • Approximately 50% of my clients come from medical referrals. 
  • I do not believe in deficit dieting as a solution to overweight/obesity concerns.
  • I offer practical, effective strategies for digestive concerns.
  • I offer practical, effective strategies for insulin insufficiency concerns.
  •  My program is a patient centered nutrition and lifestyle program that utilizes the science of                     bio-chemistry not caloric energy.    
  • I offer an affordable,  budget friendly programs.
  • While it is not unusual to experience some wait time to get into my practice, physician referrals will take priority.  I strive to match your patient’s personal schedule with my available openings in order to meet with him/her as soon as possible.


Lifestyle Nutrition is located at

6365 N Croatan Hwy, Suite B

Martin's Point Professional Center

Kitty Hawk, NC

If you want to Learn More about the tenets of my practice:  ref.¹Anal Chem, 2004 Jul 15, 76(14), 4044 - 9 .²Journal BMC Bioinformatics>v.8; 2007.³ JAMA. Jun 27, 2012; 307(24): 2627–2634. doi:  10.1001/jama.2012.6607.Published: March 06, 2013DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0058172.