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Nancy Love Martin bases her nutrition practice on science - the thing that works when it comes to eating plans!
She's a thorough and professional consultant, who understands every nuance of food combining for healthy eating. She chooses her clients carefully since the program only works when the client fully commits to her program and understands how it works.  Once she analyzes and documents your current eating habits she outlines a specific plan that is easily followed.
 I learned a lot from Nancy during my time with her. She reviewed every article I brought in, letting me know where the science was and how it related to my issue of high cholesterol. I actually felt that I gained control over my eating and realized I could make a difference in how I felt by using food and all its intrinsic, beneficial nutrients.
 I have recommended Nancy to many folks because I’m 100% confident in her ability to improve her clients health if they make her plan theirs.
 She’s an excellent listener and a generous individual who takes pride in her profession, bringing wisdom and success to her clients. The Outer Banks is fortunate to have this caliber of health care provider!


BJ Neal

Nancy’s practice, Lifestyle Nutrition, was recommended to me by a friend because I was struggling to get my diabetes under control.  Although it had been a short time since I was diagnosed, I started feeling the effects of the disease.  I was experiencing neuropathy in my hands and feet, and my optometrist told me that my eyesight had been affected.  Diabetes runs in my family.  In fact, my father lost a leg to the disease.  I was taking several oral medications in addition to insulin.  Still my blood sugars were extremely high…at times in the 300 range.  I was very afraid of what may happen if I didn’t get it under control. I tried everything, including seeing an endocrinologist who specialized in diabetes.  Her advice to me was to eliminate all carbs from my diet.  REALLY???  That just didn’t sound right.  But I did count carbs, and limit them to 15 per meal.  It brought my numbers down a little, but not nearly enough.  
I met with Nancy and knew that her approach was different.  First of all, she looked at me as a whole person and learned about my specific health needs in order to put together an individualized plan for my journey towards better health.  Nancy’s knowledge about healthy nutrition is unsurpassed.  Her plan for me was easy to follow; I was never hungry, and full of energy.  Like she said to me, “It isn’t hard…it’s just different.”
I am 9 months into my new lifestyle and I have lost 32 pounds.  That is just a bonus.  The real benefit is that I am healthier.   My doctor has reduced my medication from 1500 mg Metformin AND 10 units of insulin to ONLY 750 mg Metformin & NO INSULIN!
Now my blood sugar range averages between 70-120.    My goal is to be free from all diabetic meds as I continue to eat the right amounts and combinations of food.  Not only has my blood sugar stabilized, at a very good range, but my cholesterol and blood pressure are excellent.
I look and feel like a new person.  I can’t recommend Lifestyle Nutrition enough.  Nancy is a dedicated, resourceful, knowledgeable and personable professional.  I am so thankful for her!

---Mary Turner, Virginia Beach, Virginia


I had two different doctors recommend Lifestyle Nutrition so why was I hesitant? I didn’t like to talk about having to get some help with weight so I thought I could do this on my own. But with every checkup I was not getting any better and last October my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. I wasn’t too sure what that meant, but I knew it wasn’t good. I finally called Nancy and braced myself to a life of starving and eating tofu

Boy was I wrong about that. What I have learned is so simple it’s scary! Real food and lots of it! I am eating more than I ever did and I can eat pretty much all the things I did before, just the right portion in the right places and some things more often than others. It’s not a diet; it is a chemistry thing she does and until you do this it will make no sense that you can lose your gut and never be hungry or do a lot of crazy exercising.

My doctor was so glad that I decided to work with Nancy and said he would put off diabetes medicine and wanted me back in 6 months.

Nancy asked if my doctor did the happy dance when he saw my recent labs and I said Yes Mam - he said my numbers are  good! Glucose and A1c is good range, Bad cholesterol is way better and good cholesterol way better. He cut my blood pressure medicine in half and told me I might get off of it completely if I continue with my new lifestyle changes.

I learned that you make time for what is important and my health is -so I drive from Elizabeth City every week to see Nancy. If you need help, I  recommend  Lifestyle Nutrition; smartest thing I have ever done!

 It’s funny how I didn’t want to get help from Nancy and now I will soon be graduating my program and I don’t want to leave. Nancy says that I did the work, she just showed me the right path; I feel good about myself and my wife is so proud of me and tells me all of the time how good I look.

Corey from Elizabeth City, NC

Nancy has taught me so much about how food affects my body, taught me how to make the right choices, incorporate healthy food into my life every day. This is not a diet; it's truly a change of lifestyle. My health has improved so much; I've cut blood pressure meds in half and hope to not have to take them at all soon. She teaches you how to make healthy recipes to have in place of those that are full of fat and sugar. She's also taught me that being healthy gives you an 'edge' as we get older and our bodies begin to change. If you're ready to get healthy, you should schedule a visit with Nancy, it’s life changing!  Cindy Edwards, Outer Banks, NC

I have been a client of Nancy's for the past year. I have learned SO much about how diet affects all areas of my life, from stress to digestion to sleep. She is kind and supportive. You just have to go in there ready to make a change and be competely honest. When I follow my plan, I feel great. when I don't I go back to feeling awful. The choice is mine.  Colleen OBX