Lifestyle Nutrition

Eat Well & Thrive

 After over a decade serving my community at the Outer Banks, I have announced my retirement and will be closing my office on February 28th.

It has been an honor and joy to serve my clients and community .


My practice, Lifestyle Nutrition, is based on the science of composition, a strategy that utilizes bio-chemistry instead of caloric energy calculations.    

I have been teaching this strategy for nearly 3 decades and currently my private practice has served clients for over

11 years at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. My clients, from teens to seniors, come to me with a diverse list of concerns that include digestive/functionality issues as well as weight  concerns.  Some need to gain weight, some need to lose a few pounds and some have been diagnosed with obesity and/or obesity related diseases such as type²diabetes.  Learn more: ref.JAMA.9.15; 34.9% - 78.6 million adult Americans are clinically obese.  


Knowledge is power   

My Lifestyle Nutrition Program is designed to teach, encourage and support your emotional,  nutritional, and physical transformation for life.

In order to put together a lifestyle strategy that would be helpful in addressing your concerns, it is important to have a good understanding of what you are already doing.  Your dietary and sleep habits, how you handle stress- even the current lifestyle of the people you associate with could impact your ability to achieve your wellness goals.  So whatever or whomever you decide to seek counsel from, be sure that the process begins with a good evaluation of your current lifestyle. 

Are you ready for success?

Be honest about your level of commitment. If you are not ready right now, don’t be discouraged.  Start with something simple.  EX: if you are not at the level of hydration associated with optimal function; start by consistently drinking more water.   No matter how small the improvements you are willing to make– some are better than none.   

Only you know the answer                                                                                                                                                             

Are you ready to open your mind to a new way of thinking?  Are you ready to make the effort it will take to look and feel your best?   

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